Corona Revolution II

“Conspiracy theories” and the reality of the facts

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1 Introduction

2 Conspiracy Theories

3 Media, Financial World and Conspiracy

4 Intentions and Their Framework

5 Psychological Mass Control

6 Mass Programming

7 Conclusion

All animals, including humans, are carbon life forms

1 Introduction

There is increasing  disbelief about the “goodness” of the official narrative about the serious crisis that has plagued us since January 2020. Day by day , more people who previously refused indications towards a global orchestration of (response to) the “pandemic” are now questioning themselves about many aspects of what has happened to us. In 2020, some of us were alerting to the fact that the sequence that would await us would be this:

  1. Fear artificially inculcated;

  2. Masks, detachment and general confinement;

  3. Massive propaganda campaign and censorship (or even elimination) of dissonant voices;

  4. Mass and regular vaccination, with new doses every X months;

  5. Imposition of digital Certificates, an instrument to curtail fundamental freedoms, dividing and segregating, but serving as a vehicle for Digital Identity and subsequent absolute control system, similar to what is already happening in China;

  6. Digital coins, digital wallets and consequent social credit system, punishing citizens who do not meet the required requirements, as is already the case in China;

  7. Global system of surveillance and absolute control of population movements and actions.

The seven points above seem to be quite evident at this point - at the very least, more than reasonable suspicion for a reasonably informed person about the “effective” reality (not to be confused with the reality shown in the newscasts). Although steps 5. and 6. are still hidden from the majority of the population, they are well known in the world of banking, as well as in technology companies, particularly those involved in artificial intelligence and/or surveillance systems. Most of the requirements for the implementation and conduct large-scale steps 6 and 7 is already in test and those who have not yet realized are openly advertised. 

Such advancement in a permanent, comprehensive and global control system is only possible now, due to the enormous technological advance (in all aspects) that the world has witnessed in the last 50 years. The totalitarian and Orwellian temptations are not of today, but in the past there was no technology that allowed it.

Australia and New Zealand, far from Europe but very close to China, “lead” the implementation of this list of measures in the world, with Austria being the European country taking the lead. 

The New Zealand Prime Minister unabashedly states that taking the injection every 6 months is the way to guarantee the continuation of individual freedoms, in a stupendous inversion, in just 2 years, of the principle of freedom - “the citizen can do whatever not be expressly prohibited" - for the principle of legality - "the citizen can only do what is expressly permitted by law". We also see fully active "quarantine" camps, to which people are sent (for the time being, for 14 days) taken from their homes, even with a negative test, merely because a health officer has indicated them as "suspected close contact" . We repeat: even with a negative test, without symptoms, they are taken by force from home to a “quarantine” camp.

The people who announced the facts that awaited us were often called “conspiracy theorists”. 

Are we still in a position and willingness to continue to dub "sloops" or "land planners" the people who - we see today without any doubt - were essentially right in the mid-2020s? Or can we pay a little attention to what they say?

This document aims to address this and other aspects of what has happened to us. 

2 Conspiracy Theories              

The term was coined by the CIA when investigating the death of John F. Kennedy. The original document is this. Thanks to the participation of the media in its use with negative connotations, its use has become common as a method of discrediting the alternative narratives that many people (where many studious individuals understand and understand the world power system and how it is organized) really) has been producing over the years. For the purpose of “sleeping” the masses, it works with tremendous efficiency, as it is possible, without having to discuss facts, arguments or data, to remove from the discussion what is uncomfortable for power. 


In the example above, we see, on a temporal scale, two clippings to denounce as "conspiracy theories" rumors and news that circulated about "vaccination passports". At the end, in the third cutout on the right, the vaccination passport is already announced as an official and formal reality.

Therefore, the CIA, an agent of the control system, created and disseminated a psychologically operative concept that endowed the masses themselves with a means of resistance to the information that calls the control system into question. At the very least, it is genius, at the most, Machiavellian upwards (or downwards, depending on the viewer's inclination). However, we think it is possible to agree on this with ease: this type of manipulation is highly effective in defending the control system

3 Media, the Financial World and Conspiracy

There is something fundamental about the current ownership structure of the media that “misses” most of the public. Few people are aware of this reality and the system does nothing to show it, naturally, because if the implications of this were known and discussed, this could lead to discredit in the institutions that govern us: 

  • The overwhelming majority of communication agencies and communication companies they are owned by very few companies and the power over them is - absolutely - concentrated in two companies that dominate about 90% of the world economy (read: 90%). These companies are Blackrock and Vanguard. Both have cross-shares to each other, which constitutes an authentic monopoly. A global monopoly, but one that is not limited to communications, extending to all business sectors in the world. Anyone who wants to go deeper into this topic can listen here, or read here.

Such a scenario may be hard to accept for people with a very benign view of the way the world works, but they are facts. There is information on Yahoo Finance about Blackrock and Vanguard holdings. A simple search allows you to see how many companies they are involved in - including large tech companies, pharmaceuticals, mining, distributors, carriers, banks, etc., plus a myriad of smaller companies from all sectors.   

Another very relevant person with extensive experience in the financial and banking sectors is Catherine Austin-Fitts. The also former political adviser says that during her life as a consultant and investment banker, she spent all her time “conspiring”. And that the normal thing is to conspire. 

About central banking and the ongoing currency reset, we recommend this video with Austin-Fitts. 

It has always conspired for power. As Adam Smith said: 

People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some controversy to raise prices.

These are facts. It is not strange to have conspiracies, it is rather normal since man is a man, all the more so when power is sought after, or if you feel that you are threatened with losing it.  

4 Intentions and Their Framework

With the revolution in information technologies and the effective globalization of knowledge, with the increase in the capacity to share information among all people in the world via digital channels, a strong threat has been set for the real powers. 

This threat resides in the possibility that more and more people “wake up” to each other via sharing knowledge of the real world political structure. For the powers that be, this threat is not minor. 

If the majority of the world's population, at least those residing and literate in developed countries, would wake up to the effective situation of world political power, it would be a mere matter of time before the powers had their platforms of power and control limited or nullified. 

This annulment could very well happen because people simply would not acquiesce, to accept the "recommendations" and "impositions" of the system that lead them - please note this - to voluntarily self-participate in the control system, for example:

  1. Accepting the theater of national political systems in which for generations people have voted on one of the formal sides (left/right) or on the other, so that everything remains the same as to the effective power that resides in the shadow; 

  1. Accepting the “pandemic” restrictions including all the changes that WHO has made to the concepts of “pandemic” and “group immunity” preparatory to the current global “health” regime, and what the various governments have been implementing;       

It would be enough to say “I don't accept, I don't practice, I don't wear a mask, I don't inject an unknown substance, I don't agree with health passports” for the world's agenda to falter. 

We emphasize: this agenda is only operative and functional because the populations accept it voluntarily and uncritically. Driven, of course, by media subservientand health systems and governments, but in any case without doing real research on data and facts

We note that in the year 2020, under a “world pandemic” the world population grew at the average predicted in previous years

We note that the data on hospitalization during the “pandemic” were the lowest since there is data in Portugal.   

Therefore, official data that should be decisive - contradict - the narrative of the “deadly pandemic” and most people are unaware of this fact, while people remain glued to television, newspapers and networks. Concentrated on “cases” obtained through tests that - cannot diagnose infection or disease by definition -. 

At this point, the dear reader may be thinking that either the author of this text is “crazy”, or the enormity of the lie in which we have been living is of such magnitude that it is incredible howwe fall into it easily

Answering: It wasn't “easily”. The means that were put into concealing the truth about world political power were of a gigantic dimension. Overwhelming. Just like the desired steamroller required. The efforts that the powers have always made to hide their intentions, identities and capabilities are of enormous relevance, especially for themselves. It is the powers themselves that are at stake right now. Not only our lives, livelihoods and future, but it is mainly at stake, the parasitic mode that they have been using for a long time to exploit humanity and most of the countries in the world under the agenda. Although the Corona Revolution is only technologically possible due to the Internet and the digital revolution, it was the same digital revolution (due to the potential to awaken consciences in the free exchange of information) that led the powers to anticipate what was the 2050 Agenda for the 2030 Agenda. In other words, they realized they were running out of time and had to act now.

5 Psychological control of the masses 

Much has been said in magazines and specialist studies about the capacity to manipulate the masses. From Freud, through Edward Bernays (already mentioned above) and Marc Bernays Randolph (CEO of Netflix and great-nephew of Bernays), to government agencies, American and others, so many are masters and sell their services to those who pay better for it. ability to influence and control populations. It started as an art, then a technique, now it is a science dominated by a few, with effects on many.

To explain where we are now, a Professor of Psychology, Mattias Desmet, from the University of Ghent in Belgium, explains here the mechanism by which we were led to enter and accept the narrative of the powers. 

Mattias Desmet will release his new book: “The Psychology of Totalitarianism” in January 2022.


6 Mass Programming 

It has been almost 24 months since some of us realized the effort that was being made to implement a worldwide coup d'etat, a true takeover of global power by a group of well-funded, structured, organized and with an unparalleled capacity for influence and mobilization in world politics. 

After 24 months, since that worldwide operation - a true large-scale attack - began, most of our fellow citizens still seem to think that our lives are continuing within "normality", that we are in fact facing a deadly "pandemic". , that our governments and non-governmental or para-governmental structures (UN, IMF, World Bank, European Commission, World Economic Forum, among others) are trying to “manage a crisis” with the purpose and intention of helping the world's people to overcome the difficulties caused by a global natural disaster.

There were people who tried to explain what was really going on from the beginning. There were clear signs that could be interpreted immediately by whoever was awake to the world's real political organization: 

1. When in January 2020, clearly fabricated news from China began to arrive (people falling on the street, biological protection suits, walling of Chinese citizens, and many other “strange” cases such as the “'Covid victimscoffins” in Italy which were actually from a 2013 shipwreck in Lampedusa);

2. When all over the world, still without SARS-COV 2 deaths in the respective countries, the televisions began to “bomb” the audiences 24 hours a 24 hours with the “very dangerous virus” discovered in China. When Netflix released, on January 22, 2020, the documentary Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak, neatly prepared in advance; 

3. When you know, through the first internet searches, as early as January, about the Event 201 that took place in New York in October 2019; 

4. When it was seen that at the hinge of the media operation were the same protagonists who for decades “sold” fear with the dubious operation “Global Warming”, later changed to “Climate Change”.        

The signs were there, as early as January 2020, that it was - at the very least - a very large-scale psychological and media operation, just because of that something that should awaken the minds of any conscious and minimally concerned citizen with their individual freedoms and those of your children. 

Some of us, very few in Portugal, but many abroad, with the USA and some European countries at the head, explained what we saw happening - the “real” reality behind the “offered” reality in the television homilies. Reactions on social media were disbelief and non-acceptance - it would be a “conspiracy theory” of such a large scale and impact that it could only be, in the benign lens of so many, impossible. The criticisms were that it was impossible to organize an operation of this size worldwide with so many agents, controlling so many governments and media at the same time. Some, more "daring" in accepting the inequity of royal powers, replied that yes, it was a real health crisis and that the authoritarian impulses of politicians led them to "use the opportunity to strengthen their powers", but nothing more. 

Faced with this scenario - of absolute rejection of the possibility of even having some kind of conspiracy to carry out certain actions, with certain objectives -, it became clear, for those who are a little more awake to the reality behind the veil, that conditioning The psychological power of the masses was very strong - that in a few months something extraordinary had been achieved in terms of the mental and emotional programming of the masses. A huge majority of people in every country were so conditioned by the central political narrative of our history that they couldn't see the clearest of evidence. Many aspects of the narrative and the way it was assembled over the years contribute to this incredulity, which is well known in the intricacies of psychology, communication and everything that involves secret services and the influence and control of individuals and populations. points:

1. Since the beginning of the 20th century, when Edward Bernays discovered the amazing power he had to influence the behavior of the masses, many smaller scale operations have been launched without the subjects knowing or even feeling that they are being manipulated . Some of a larger scale had a very considerable impact on the history of the 20th century. It was with the “technology” created by Bernays that Goebbels managed to lead the German people to embrace National Socialism and to create the social divisions necessary for the true mass psychosis that led to the Hitler regime.

2. The awareness of the power of the mass media to control the minds of populations is very old. From Gutenberg's invention until the 19th century a lot of power was mobilized, applied through the use of the written press. But the current phenomenal power of manipulation was only reached by the “window that changed the world”, television, and then with social platforms, which are also subject to manipulation, even more subtle and technological. 

3. The masses are subject to a charge of control over their perception such as has never existed in history. The mass media and technology companies do a “brilliant” job, especially in two ways: a) to focus the public's attention on a certain subject; b) removing other matters from the focus of attention. 

4. To give a coherent "body" to the narrative that the real powers want the masses to focus on, scientific structures of design, simulation, operationalization, laboratory testing or social networks are used, anchored in agencies such as DARPA and others, mostly American.

In short, Caesar's famous “Bread and Circus” policy was taken to the scientific exponent, not only keeping the masses anesthetized, but also directing them, almost absolutely (there are still people somehow outside the mind-control scheme), in the senses that interest the powers. And, all of us - there is no one immune from it -, except the authors of the policy itself, we are subject from the beginning of our lives to its effects. Via school, via books accepted by publishers, via news media and political narratives. 

And he also saw, and fundamentally, the directly and indirectly induced social conformism that is rife in our family and social groups. 

It is a self-reinforcing system.


7 Conclusion

We assume that at this point it is clear that the reality of the facts (at least for the author and for others who think they know the world political reality) is maddeningly disturbing. 

It's also clear that insisting on the stance of “this is just a conspiracy theory” is much more comfortable. Continuing to believe that the people who “make the roads” for us, “manage the world financial system”, “pay us pensions and subsidies”, “protect us from external and internal threats” want our good - is much more reassuring than that we face the substance of the system de factum totalitarian, dictatorial, manipulative, cold, cruel and merciless in which we live. 

What is intended by the system is nothing more or less than the implementation of a world regime of full total control, digital, political and even biological. The obligation of "vaccines" is starting a "debate" and the aim is, among other things, to replace our immune system with something artificial that is currently being tested on billions of people unrelated to what they are doing. . It is a business, yes, but the scope is longer when we put into the equation the great causes such as “the protection of the planet”. 

Along the way, with the “vaccines” it will be possible to satisfy other aspects already announced by the powers, among them the reduction of the world population. 

It is up to us to decide which side we are on and will be on in the future. There are essentially two sides:

1. The short-term “comfort” side, in which we decide to believe in the Goodness of the powers and participate in the system, injecting ourselves, complying with “sanitary” instructions, accessing the digital control systems, accepting the newfuture digital currency (CBDC) programmable, which will not only limit our consumption, but also allow for the social credit system and the exclusion of dissidents. This side implies the acceptance of all types of injectable products in successive periodic boosters that we cannot reject under penalty of exclusion from our “life” in participating in the system's networks;

2. The uncomfortable side of resistance to the totalitarian system, with no prospect of certain victory, knowing full well that even our basic survival scheme at the level of groceries and food may be at stake, and knowing that everything will also depend on how many more people wake up to the harsh reality of the facts at a national level, but above all at a global level. This side implies - there is no way to say it pleasantly - the awareness that our individual life expectancy, and that of Humanity in general as a natural species, are threatened with a sharp reduction in the short and medium term. 

If the Reader puts forward, and accepts, the hypothesis that “we are the carbon they want to control and reduce”, everything becomes much clearer. It's terrifying, to be sure, but it's the undeniable reality given what we already know.

Anyone who wants to delve into the ins and outs of global “health” power and the ways in which the global health system has been taken over by real criminals can purchase this book: /dp/1510766804

Final note: In case there are interested readers, the next chapter of the Corona Revolution dossier will deal with what is already known to be in the power system's intentions for the coming years in technocratic and technological, global financial and political terms. 

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