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Corona Revolution II

“Conspiracy theories” and the reality of the facts Part I - here - 1 Introduction 2 Conspiracy Theories 3 Media, Financial World and Conspiracy 4 Intentions and Their Framework 5 Psychological Mass Control 6 Mass Programming 7 Conclusion All animals, including humans, are carbon life forms 1 Introduction There is increasing  disbelief about the “goodness” of the official narrative about the serious crisis that has plagued us since January 2020. Day by day , more people who previously refused indications towards a global orchestration of (response to) the “pandemic” are now questioning themselves about many aspects of what has happened to us. In 2020, some of us were alerting to the fact that the sequence that would await us would be this: Fear artificially inculcated; Masks, detachment and general confinement; Massive propaganda campaign and censorship (or even elimination) of dissonant voices; Mass and regular vaccination, with new doses every X months; Imposition of di

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A Revolução Corona II